Havn't done one of these in a while...

and I still don't know why I am now. I guess taking a nap
at 9pm wasn't such a good idea after all =).

and without further ado (and blantantly stolen from my secret
admirer - she knows who she is! =)

01. Fallen for your best friend?: Nope
02. Made out w/ JUST a friend?: No
03. Been rejected?: Yes; show me someone who hasn't and i'll show you someone who has never tried.
04. Been in love?: Yes
05. Been in lust?: But of course.
06. Used someone?: I quote: "hell yeah BOOTY CALL!"
07. Been used?: Hmm. I might have been, but if I was being used I wasn't inconvienenced much by it.
08. Cheated on someone?: yes
09. Been cheated on?: Fairly sure I havn't been.
10. Been kissed?: yes'
11. Done something you regret?: of course!

Who was the last person...
12. You touched? er.. I think it was Kendra from work.
13. You talked to? My roomate.
14. You hugged? Good question.
15. You instant messaged? Sylvia
16. You kissed? Kendra
17. You had sex with? Kendra
18. You yelled at? My roomate for being a dumbass.
19. You laughed with? My roomate's friend Kristen.
20. Who broke your heart? I don't think my heart's been broken... I'm afraid I'm empty on the inside =(.
21. Would you go naked in a bathtub with a naked old man/woman with each of you having a bar of soap and soap each other till the bars of soap run out for a million dollars?: Uh, yes.
22. tighty whiteys or boxers?: boxers? Boxers or commando
23. What's something a guy/girl will wear that'll turn you on?: Skirts, glasses, shoes (both cute and straight up slutty).
24. What do you think of soul mates?: This question just makes me shrug.
25. Do you have a crush right now?: Nope.
26. What's an object you can't live without? Firearms. I am the NRA. =)
27. You have this uh, erotic dream about your friend of the opp. sex. how do you act and feel around that friend the next day?: It's like having sex with them without the embarrassment of actually doing it!
28. What's something someone's done to make you hold a grudge against them? Fuck with my car, harrass me, and generally be a pain in the ass.
29. Favorite weather?: 60 degrees in the fall and overcast; the air misty with rain and moisture and you can smell the ocean with every breath.
30. What's one look trait that attracts you to a guy/girl: cute face.
31. What's one personality trait that attracts you to a guy/girl? intelligence; sense of humor (mainly finding me funny).
32. Do you know what 143 means? No, but now I want to!
32. Who's phone number are you hoping to get? No one's, actually.
33. Do you believe in ghosts? Eh, sort of, but not really. Ghosts are like God is to me. I can imagine their existence, but neither of them seem very convincing to me until proven otherwise.
34. What time did you go to sleep last night? 1am.
35. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? It's all in good fun.
36. Would you rather be married in Venice, Italy, or Honolulu, Hawaii? Venice. I lived
in Hawaii, it's not very exciting; just uncomfortable.
37. (girls) how would you feel if you got a flower from a guy? Eh, i'd probably be flattered but at the same time think the guy was a bit of a loser for being so unoriginal; unless of course we had been dating for a while.
38. What do you think of "no pain, no gain"? Fucking bullshit. Tell that to the trustfund babies.
39. What do you think of the quote "eyes are the passageways into the soul"? Bah, only if the soul is what you attribute to someone else by projecting your own emotions onto them.
40. What do you think of sleep? I like dreams.
41. At one point in a girl/guy friendship, one of them like each other even if it's only for a little bit: So?
42. Football or rugby? They're both boring to watch, but rugby is more fun to play.
43. Hat or visor? hat.
44. What's something you ALWAYS have on you?: pocket knife.
45. Who do you want to take with you to the prom? Never went.
46. Your bf/gf gets drunk at a party. In their state of drunkenness, they babble about that one time they fooled around with someone else while you were together. They wake up the next morning with a slight memory that they did something stupid. What do you do? It's time to have a "talk".
47. Is cyber sex considered cheating? I suppose it depends if it were dirty nasty slutty cyber, or lovey dovey shit. Either way, it's silly and i'd have to really think about WHY I would be with someone who cybered in the first place.
48. Are you happy? More like a state of vague contentment.
49. Favorite berries? Um, whatever I get. I'm not really picky about berries, I don't eat enough to bother making favorites.
50. What was the last thing you cried over or got teary about? Hmm.. my tear ducts have been dry for years, but I have to say that Amelie got me fairly sappy.
51. Wouldn't you just love to hug someone right now? Not particularly.
52. Who was the last person who complimented you? Kendra, or maybe Chelsea. I've been getting a lot of compliments lately. GO TEAM!
53. Who do you wish you could kiss? Umm.. shit, no one really.
54. Movies at home on in a theater? Theater; now if only they would play good ones...
55.(girls)what's something about guys you don't get?: The way they posture.
56.(guys) what's something about girls you don't get? Whiney little foofoo's who think that their life should be easy and can't handle a little adversity. Err, that's more girls I don't like, but it seems to be a lot of them.
57. If someone said you were hot, what would you think? Right on for me!
59. What's your opinion on love? I'm in no rush to find any right now.
60. Would you rather go ballroom dancing or square dancing? Ballroom.
61. If you could dye your hair any color, what would you dye it? Err.. natural red. Or black.
62. What's the nicest thing any one has ever told you? I always forget this kind of shit... umm.. There was this girl in one of my classes at Evergreen who wrote a big long breathy paragraph about how much she liked my bullshit painting, and how intelligent I sounded. That really made me happy; mainly because she used big words when saying it.
63. If you were to spend the day with your b/f or g/f, where would you go and what would you do? Portland to Powells, or Seattle to the Crypt, or my bed. Or out in the cascades to go hiking and what not, it's beautiful country out there.
64. What's you biggest fantasy with your b/f or g/f? Hahaha... err.. restraints and black clothing and lots of sweat and moaning.

HAS A CRUSH ON YOU: Chelsea, Kendra, Mandy, Alaiyna, Desiree, Alexis (hahaha!).

WISH YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX: I've always wondered what it feels like when a woman has sex.

SONG LYRICS: umm.. It's a split between Dre, Cradle of Filth, and Blood Axis? I don't know, I don't really listen to music for the lyrics.
COLOGNE: Don't wear any.
PERFUME: Nor that. Nor do I like the smell.
KISS: Work some tongue, girl!
ROMANTIC MEMORY: They're all from being 16 and kind of fuzzy.
ADVICE YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN: It's not how much you know, it's how much they think you know that matters.

KISSED YOUR COUSIN: I don't know them well enough.
WANTED SOMEONE YOU KNEW YOU COULDN'T HAVE: I just daydream about them, without sweating it.
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Long time no entry.

I finally found a sponser for my half-assed contract at Evergreen;
I'm so excited. Well, not really, but the idea of not having to go
to class every day and listen to idiots babble makes me happy. It's going to be 16 credits on critical theory, how thrilling!

In other news, I have been working quite a lot, and when i'm not working i'm drinking quite a bit, so lately my life has been a bit of a blur. It's nice to be making money again though, because I have to move out of my parasitical existance of conning the state into paying my rent and moving into the real world in a few months, so some cash reserves are definately a bonus. Though I won't be hurting too bad, as next year my tuition is going to be all paid up plus some extra, so i'm happy about that.

Going to be going down to portland sometime next week (hopefully); hoping to check out Powell's. The existance of that place makes my pants creamy.

Speaking of making pants creamy, I hear that there is a midget that works in The Crypt up in Seattle. I was going to go see the last time I was up that way, but I straight up got lazy and forgot. Oh well, I doubt he's going anywhere; besides I got to see another midget in Seattle. This one was riding a bike and looked tough as hell. Needless to say, seeing that made me feel glee. So on my next trip to Seattle, I have a date with the crypt!
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And in Other News..

I've been freakishly busy. School, work, and then every free moment I have people nab. I would really like to go to sleep earlier than 3-4am, but this is one of the few hours I get totally to myself- that is, if i'm not out somewhere getting tanked. My co-worker lately has been getting me all gussied up on some 40 y/o bourbon that she has far too much of. The other night we stayed up until 7am drinking and talking about shit- turns out we share a lot in common (a hell of a lot more than I would have thought at first). Of course, at 7 we realized it was -7!-, and we both had to be at work at 1030 that morning. So we stayed up, talked more shit, and went to the underground cafe for breakfast, because I had heard a lot of good things about it. I found it highly overrated, however- they made my damn omlette runny! A runny omlette, I mean, really now! That's just disgusting.

Though there are some that would argue omlettes (and eggs by extension) are rather foul; to paraphrase Kant, the ding an sich of an egg is not good for human consumption.

Arrgh! As you can tell, I have had too much vegan propaganda thrown at me lately.. it doesn't help that 90% of the people I hang out with are vegan. I'm not even a full vegetarian, and when I eat with them I feel like a damn barbarian. It's not so much that i'm attatched to meat or animal products (i'm rather apathetic to them) it's juts that I'm lazy. It takes a few ounces of effort to be vegetarian, and more so to be vegan. That's just too much effort for one such as me.

In even more other news, I am having the damn hardest time getting ahold of the elusive Joe Tougas. I would like for the man to sponser my frankfurt contract, but not only does it appear that he is on vacation, it sounds like his secratary is as well- I can't even make an appointment til next week. Though I'm not sure if I still want to do it on the frankfurters- i've been considering doing one on Heidigger instead.

Finally, Zerzan writes beautiful things. They make me want to cry.
Well, actually they make me want to blow things up, then cry, then move to a farm. However, I think he's guilty of glorifying the hunter-gatherer lifestyle far too much; life in the paleolithic was certainly not as rosy as he paints it to be.

Bah- to much philosophy. I think I need to read some fiction; does anyone have any suggestions?
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My new favorite joke...

Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar.
The first atom turns to his pal and says "Oh shit! I think I lost an electron.."
"Are you sure?" asks the second atom.
"I'm positive".
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Today was laundry day. It was very exciting.

I got to watch tv too. That was oodles of fun.

I am oodles of fun.
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(no subject)

Today was laundry day. It was very exciting.

I got to watch tv too. That was oodles of fun.

I am oodles of fun.
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So here I am, with a beer in hand, feeling rather philisophical and a bit romantic to boot. Tonight I watched Amelie (sp?), which made me happy about life... until I started reading more about physics. Got through the second law of thermodynamics, which is incredibly depressing, and a bit through special theory of reletivity, which I don't know enough to have an opinion about. So now I feel rather ambigious about life... I kind of like the feeling. Searching for something, wondering "how should I feel about this?" "What are the implications?" It's things like these that make me really excited... ideas that many people have never heard of and don't care about make me happy to be alive - yet they're just ideas. They don't affect me in any physical way, they certainly don't keep me fed or sheltered or any of that bullshit that for most people constitute happiness.

I've always been a bit of dreamer, and always will be I suppose, but I'm forced to wonder whether being a dreamer is keeping me isolated. Nothing ever lives up to one's ideals and fantasies, yet somehow settling for less leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I either A: Have to find other people who are content to spend as little time in reality as possible, or B: Compromise. And I really hate compromising, kindergarden be damned.
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Beat that heat!

Hoo boy, is it hot. I really shouldn't be bothered by the weather, seeing as how i'm a Hawaiian native... but still, it's fucking hot! All the fur I put on since I left hawaii most likely doesn't help, either.

In other news, my horrible, anxiety producing drawing class ends tomorrow. I just have to draw a couple of self portraits and organize my portfolio, and i'm done. It's just motivating myself to do said work by tommorrow that will be the problem... then I can go on to safer stuff, like quantum physics.

In other news- went up to seattle a couple times this week, burnt out on driving. Especially with my no ac packin shitty ford escort with no radio, that particular drive is not fun; as if any drive is.

I started reading some Baudrillard, but with the rapidly approaching advent of my next class, I feel that I need to bone up some hard science, so right now i'm reading about entropy. As you can tell by my choice reading material, i'm an upbeat and optimistic fellow.

Anyway, today is a weird day as I seem to be drunk while the sun is still out, and strange people have just entered my apartment, so I will have to cut this entry shorter.
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Hmm.. I have a feeling this summer is going to be very scattered and fractured, based on what's happened so far.. very post-modern, if you like. Is my life following the stream of current philisophical thought? hmmm.....

Anyway, Work has been keeping me pretty busy, and when i'm not working I have people wanting to do things with me - of all the nerve! Additionally, my damn car is sucking money at me. As soon as I graduate the Egreen, i'm moving to a city with a good public transit system... cars are for suckers. The only upside about replacing shit on my pos american car is i'm slowly teaching myself how to work on cars. That is always a useful skill in this country.

Keeping this entry short and sweet, as I have a drawing that needs to be done monday morning 9am that I have yet to start on... I'm one of those people who need pressure to perform.
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Fell in love with a philosopher...

So in preperation for my in-preperation fall quarter contract, I've started reading some habermas so that I can be somewhat familiar with the train of thought of the Frankfurt school theorists. I am now 13 pages into a book called "Knowledge and Human Interests" and i'm just blown away. FIrst off, it's really fucking complex, so that I have to read it really damn slow - for me, that's fucking amazing! Second of all, it's dealing with a lot of shit i've been turning over in my head the last few months. As an example:

"Epistemology presumes to take nothing for granted except its pure project of radicallly doubting. In truth it bases itself on a critical consciousness that is the result of an entire process of self-formation. Thus it is the beneficiary of a stage of reflection that it does not admit and therefore also cannot legitamate."

arrrrgh. I can tell i'm going to spend the whole summer on this book now - goodbye reading list! But truth be told, I don't think I'll really mind. I could use a challange.
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